Socks Preferred By Pilots

At cruising altitude, safety is priority number one.

That’s why pilots trust their feet to Travelsox, the sock designed by scientists to stimulate blood flow, reduce swelling and minimize the risk of deep vein thrombosis during long periods of travel.


The Only Sock with Silver DryStat®

For centuries, silver has been hailed as a powerful healing agent.

We weave silver ions directly into our patented Silver DryStat® fabric to inhibit bacteria growth and reduce unpleasant odors.

Moisture-wicking polypropylene keeps skin dry and comfortable, whether you’re trekking through a new city or toughing out a ten-hour flight


Engineered For Explorers

When you’re on the go, foot discomfort isn’t something you should worry about. That’s our job. Our socks are made from advanced textiles designed by scientists who work relentlessly to optimize what happens when foot meets fabric.

Produced exclusively in Italy, Travelsox are crafted from the most comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly fibers available to keep your feet cozy and supported no matter where your travels take you.

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Compression For Your Health

When a sock perfectly hugs your foot’s anatomy, it affects your entire body.

Travelsox’s patented graduated compression system feels less like a sock and more like a second skin, free of wrinkles, hot spots and pressure points with support in all the right places.


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